The star that fell

The many faces of Michael Jackson. His Moonwalk dance at the Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever special. His glove covered in crystals. His aviator glasses. These are all the things that made him the Icon that he is now. As of lately its been a bumpy ride for the King of Pop but it has finally all come to a tragic and sudden end.

I was sitting at work just counting the minutes down for me to clock out and as usual I was browsing the net, when I click on the MSN homepage and a picture of a Feminine looking Michael caught my attention, the column read "Hospitalized Michael Jackson rushed to facility in Los Angeles." So out of curiosity I clicked on the link.... my heart dropped as soon as the page changed, the news broke in a blink of an eye "Pop star Michael Jackson is dead at 50" all the sudden my mind took a trip down memory lane, all the countless hours listening to Thriller as a child, The amount of time I took to learn the Moonwalk, the look of frustration in my parents faces because I would not stop bugging them about getting a white suit with a matching fedora, a blue collar shirt with a white tie and the white spats to cover my shoes, and then doing the dance and falling flat on my face after trying the Anti-gravity lean.

Its a sad day for many people, the news were shocking, even drowning out Farrah Fawcwett's death news. This is my generations John Lennon and Elvis Presley's death, you will for the rest of your life remember where you were and what you were doing the day Michael Jackson died. Whoever you are, like him or hate him, the man had talent, amazing dance moves, great love for his children, and who are we to judge? If he did the things they accused him of, then he will pay for it. But if he didn't then we judged a man unjustly. What ever the case may be he is gone now and maybe one day we shall know the truth about Michael's true nature with kids. In my mind he will always be that amazing singer who was a massive part of my childhood, growing up listening to his music in the 80's in Mexico City. May he be remembered as the man he once was, before all the media scrutiny he was put through tarnished his image. This is how I remember him, my favoryte face of his if you will.
Michael Jackson