The splinter of love

This is the first thought that registered in my mind...... well more like holy s$%#^& but we leave that out for my younger audience, got to keep it PG y'all.
Any who this story begins One year ago on June 13Th 2007, it was a sunny Wednesday afternoon and here I was a bit late for a date with my future wife. (yeah great way to start things off right) So I'm driving along state and I start to think if I'm missing anything... well lets make a check list shall we.
Hair.... check
Chap stick..... check
Fresh breath and killer looks.... check and DOUBLE CHECK
Gum.... check
Well it all seems in order....... ah crap!
Flowers.... not checked

As soon as this thought registers in my pea brain I swerve right in to the Albertson's parking lot cutting off and old lady driving a Caddy (she gave me the finger). I almost forgot the most important part of the date besides the girl.... yeah.
I pull up to her house after the flower run, so I being the Casanova that I am, I leave the flowers on the seat so that she can find them there, so we hug and we start walking to the car and I start walking around the from to my door, I just happen to glance at her from the corner of my eye and I see her standing in front of the door with her arms crossed and I am sure that she is thinking "Fool who do you think you is? you better come back here and open my door before I walk back inside!" now to all those who don't know my wife, she is a bit... a what's the word.... GHETTO!. So for all those who know her I am sure you can just picture her right about now.
I run back towards her and with a stupid nervous grin I open her door (David's points for the date so far: -10) That is until she saw what was on the seat waiting for her.... a bouquet of flowers. (David's points for the date so far: +20) Oh yeah!.
On our way to start this wonderful date, so I bought a pint of Ice Cream so that we can take it up to Sun Dance in the Canyon, we chilled for a while getting to know one another. Now if you know me, you know that I am a bold person, specially when on a date. So my bold David self came out and I took her hand, now you are thinking "No big deal, her hand? com on man!" but then you don't know my wife because at this point in her life, holding hands was a big deal.
I was glad she didn't ghetto slap me by this time, so far so good.... lets get to the check list
Step one: Hold her hand... check
The drive down was interesting, we talked a bit more on a personal level. We pull up to a nice little place called Magleby's. So I get a table outside and we have a nice little dinner with the sun set right in front of us. That's right check list time again!
Step two: Romantic Dinner with dramatic effect..... check and done!
By now she should be mucho in to me right? well I thought she was, we walk a bit around the area and it is one of the best dates I had in a long time. After the nice walk I ask her if she would like to look at my pictures, so on we go to my house so that she can see my artistic eye. Sitting in my living room looking at pictures of the fam I get bold and I go in for a Smooch.... Oh you know what time it is again.

Step Three: Seal the night with a wet one..... not checked?
As I'm pulling in for a lip landing she turns her face around and totally rejects me! (the nerve on this woman, does she not realize that I am desirable?) That's what's going trough my mind but she with her lovely eyes looks at me after she rejected this and said. "I can't kiss you because the next person I kiss will be my future husband" So you can imagine my reaction.... I felt dumb but hey it was totally worth it.
So here we are, one year later and guess what, we kissed. Maybe not that night but eventually we did. So back to the Ouch thought, for our one year since we first dated I took her on the same date, but I wore flip flops and I got a splinter stuck in my footsie so I ouch ed my foot and I hope that ties this whole story together.
Now for one last time It's check list time!
Step four: keep taking her out on magical dates..... check
Step five: fall in love with her..... oh big check
Step six: ask her to marry you... check
Step seven: MR & Mrs Roura... DOUBLE CHECK!

THE END.... for now

check out our pics.


Infomercial Style

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Looking back at the future

"The name is Roura... Jennifer Roura."
This is what my wife tells people when they ask her for her name giving this look to them (or at least she does in my dreams). Ala James Bond, without the martini. Well this one is for the wife, or as I call her my Boo Boo.

The following account is as I remember it, but according to my wife I hit on her first, you be the judge:
Thursday morning, I walked in to Jason's Deli looking for some b-fast. And there she was, looking all cute with her glasses and curly lion mess of hair. With my suave walk and talk I ask for some food and she starts hitting on me!... the nerve on this one I think, I am not a piece of meat, but OK this does not happen often so I shall flow with it. She starts telling me that I look familiar and that she has seen me before, to what I respond "well it must be my Hollywood face" (com on! she was so hitting on me) So that same day I tell my good Friend Jesus about this happening so we decide to go there for lunch, so this time she calls me by name and starts flirting again, or so I think. So we leave and I ask my friend, "so did you see that? or is it just me?" he said "well man she was either flirting or she is like us, just a real friendly person" Well the bug had been put in me and was not letting up until I asked her for her number, so I did what any man would and gave her my number for her to call me. What? don't you judge me! there is a good reason behind that OK.... ill get to it.
Friday came around and I was craving some Jason's, now keep in mind that I don't even like Jason's plus its way expensive but hey for my future wife anything was possible. So i go in there hoping for some more flirting but she was not there. So I wait for Monday to get my "flirt on".

Monday finally the week end was over and I had my chance to flirt it up with a girl at Jason's Deli. To this excitement there was an obstacle to overcome, I had one of the most Delicious treats ever created by man! a Costco Blue Berry Muffin, and I am not one for trashing food. So what was holding me up? well I didn't want to just walk in and say hey I need your number but I'm not buying any food. No that would be cheap and maybe I could get her in trouble with her boss. So I gave away my Muffin Oh did that hurt but it was worth it. So on to Jason's to talk to this girl. I show up like Casanova on a mission, but I don't see her..... I Begin to get discouraged and ready to buy some food that I didn't even want (Oh sweet Muffin, what have I done?) so I walk to the cashier to order and to my astonishment there she was, she was wearing a different shirt than from when I first saw her. So I start grinning like an Idiot, "well hello there David" she tells me, I was amazed that she knew my name. So I Begin my conquest, but I can't remember her name.... so I take a look at her name tag "hey Jennifer" I shot back at her un squinting my eyes away from her chest, " I need some food, sweet pastry that is what I am craving" as she showed me the menu I look at her and tell her... get ready because this might blow you away. "I have to tell you something, I had a muffin today but I gave it away so that I could come and see you" I promise she turned red, and I thinking and hopping that that wasn't to bold of me I return fire, "I hope that's not bold of me to say" to what she responded "No no I actually think that's really sweet!" so I had made it, now how should I ask her for her number?, her boss was right there so I just walked away to sit and wait, she did as well so I start looking like a moron for a peace of paper to write my number down.
By the time she came back I handed her my number as I said, "I don't usually do this but here is my number, I would ask for yours but I don't want to get you in trouble. SO please call me and Ill ask for your number OK?" to this she takes it and said "Yes".... and as they say in the movies "The Rest is History".... ....


Thats Mr. Shoe Queer to you!

So its no secret, I love shoes. So much that I have a closet full of them and with that I also have a unique nickname given to me by one of my co workers, this being such nickname: David "the shoe Queer" Roura. Maybe not the best nickname but hey I am queer for shoes (thanks Ian, by the way he wears his girl friends pants). I have about 29 pairs but keep in mind that I have give about 20 pairs away. So my collection was up there. I just wanted to devote this worthless blog to my love of Jordan's or as my hood self refers to them, my J's (yes this explains my screen name)

Now this is a poster of all the J's He (He, being Michael Jordan) wore during his Bull playing days except the 15's. These were released after he retired in 1999. So far I only got 5 of them but I shall with time gather more.

This is the best selling shoe of all time and I am a proud owner of them. So where am I going with this blog? you ask, well I don't know but I just felt like writing about my love for J's specially the 12's, my very favorite (have them in black and white by the way).

Till next time, this is David the shoe quee. ..ah... i mean David Roura... this is David Roura *ahem*
(I hate you Ian)


How to save a life.

So this is the greatest book I have ever read in my life, and I haven't read many books but by all this one is the best book ever. So many stories that actually happened, nothing made up from some ones mind (not that fiction is bad or lame but we all need a little fact now and then) with that said, please don't mistake this for just another book. No no no no... this is scripture, another testament of Jesus Christ, so please don't shelf this with another Dan Brown thriller, this is actual words from Prophets of the past, true accounts of Christ and his Gospel. Just read it and ask if you don't think this is true.

So a bit of a background on the matter, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and have been one my whole life. Now my family was not the most active, picture the Brady Bunch from Mexico. My dad (a Catholic) my Mother (LDS) 3 brothers (one Catholic and the other 2 LDS) and 3 sisters (1 Catholic the other 2 LDS) and I, and now out off all the bunch only 3 of us are active, .y 2 sisters and I, and only my sister and I are the only ones who are sealed in the temple for time and all eternity with our spouses. So long story short, I grew up with great morals but decided not to follow them. I went through life making dumb choices and got in trouble here and there but thank God, nothing major came about it. I eventually turned it around and actually became a very spiritual person if I may say so my self.

My life was saved by God, and a blue book given to me by Jordan McCormick, this is what made this possible. Many other people played a big role in this change but mainly that book has been my key stone. The key stone of our religion, read it and you will see what I mean.


My Body for Life

Being fat is not fun, and going from 170 lbs to 209 lbs in a span of 5 years may not seem like much to some but to me it seem like allot. Now please keep in mind that I grew up a scrawny thin and lanky kid and some how morphed in to this Moob (short for Man Boob) having belly shaking stretch mark holder man.

Now my wife loves me for me, and she some how thinks I am a sexy man, now I am humble and modest but I can't disagree with her on that one, I am one fine piece of meat..... loaf! I can't stand being big... now please know that I am not obese and in no way am I making fun of people who have weight problems, but this is a big deal to me so what am I doing to resolve this issue you ask? Well I am on this eating regimen called the "Body for Life Diet".

The key to this is to eat 6 small meals per day every 2 to 3 hours. You have breakfast, then a snack, then lunch and so on and so forth. No big deal right? well yes big deal, those meals need to be portioned out, fist size to be exact. Now I am an eater and I love me some food, but I have to eat small meals so i scrape for the crumbs, on top of that you must exercise regularly, so I pedal to work from home (about 6 miles round trip) and going... OK trying to hit the gym at least 3 times per week. It is now June 3Th and I have been on this diet for about..... ah give or take..... 2 weeks, and no results. But hey I feel great, not like a big fat pig who stuffs his mouth till he can't eat no more.... in a Homer Simpson kind of way saying the word's "Must.... Keep..... Eating!...." So far My Body for Life is looking good and I have a long way to go but my wife keeps me in check so I don't just fear fat but also the wrath of the wife (Sorry Hun that was just for the dramatic effect.)

So till next time, when I'm 30 lbs lighter... or heavier. We shall see.

Who will I look like?

This guy?

This guy?

Or this guy?


My stolen dream.

Even though this is not a picture of my banshee, this is an accurate picture of what my banshee looked like. Just replace the yellow with black and the grey with red, and alakazam! we have David's stolen 1999 Banshee. So were to Begin? well it was a beautiful Monday in the moth of May, when a call from my brother interrupted my watching of Sweeney Todd, we were going to go riding on that Tuesday, but oh boy was I in for a surprise. The following is a reenactment of the dialogue between my brother and I.
David: Hello?
Luis (my brother): Hey fool
David: Yes?
Luis (my brother): Did you pick your bike up?
David: ah, what do you mean?
Luis (my brother): I mean did you take it, or lend it to some one?
David: ah... not that I know of, why?
Luis (my brother): Well man, then you better call the cops because your bike is gone.
David: Dude don't mess with me, you for real?
Luis (my brother): yes
David: Ah s*%&t man!
And the rest shall be kept from record due to the profane subject matter. But yes my metal love had been stolen from my brothers drive way.... now before you say anything, keep in mind that he lives in Lindon Utah, up in the mountain top and there is nothing but rich white people. Never in a million years did we think this could have happened at his house, but as always we were wrong and boy did I pay the price. So now I have no hope to ever finding my metal Banshee love. Lesson learned, never leave your 99 Banshee on paddles sitting there for any moron to take it. Good bye Banshee good bye.

Looks aren't everything... I mean look at me.

Allow my self to introduce....... my self. My name is David and yes I am Mexican so I hope you don't think this blog is a racist one. So where to start? well I am a boy of 25, charming and good looking, my looks have been compared to those of Ray Romano, from Everybody Loves Raymond.

So as you can see I am a great looking man, but looks are not all I rely on, I also have an amazing sculpted body (according to my wife) Imagine Screech from Saved by the Bell the College years. Oh yeah you get the picture. Well I am new to this married thing, and I am loving it! My wife is an amazing person whom I some how landed and actually kept her near me long enough to marry me. If you knew back in the day you would see that that was a hard task to accomplish. Jennifer is her name and as you can see she is quite the looker her self.
So this is a bit about us, keep on reading and looking for updates about our life.