Infomercial Style

Have you ever sat and wondered what the luxurious life of a call center rep would be like?
Well wonder no more!, for the low low price of $10.25 and your life you too can find out what the rage is all about!

Work with experienced people:

Work Flexible Hours:

The best entertainment anywhere:

Enjoy state of the art facilities:

Take the pleasure of getting your own company car:

So stop thinking so hard about it and sign your life over to us.... I mean be part of our great team of Dialoguers and enjoy your own office with a great view:

Act now and we will throw an extra shot of Mitch's calves for FREE!!!!!

Can you spell Success? well neither can we but hey who cares!..... we don't require a high school degree!... So stop waiting for life to take you somewhere when you can go nowhere fast. Call now 801-229-2292 and ask for Marci.

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kmb said...

THAT is hilarious. Thank you for the day's laughter. Are those really my man's calves? YES...we had a blast too. Can't wait to do it again.