The splinter of love

This is the first thought that registered in my mind...... well more like holy s$%#^& but we leave that out for my younger audience, got to keep it PG y'all.
Any who this story begins One year ago on June 13Th 2007, it was a sunny Wednesday afternoon and here I was a bit late for a date with my future wife. (yeah great way to start things off right) So I'm driving along state and I start to think if I'm missing anything... well lets make a check list shall we.
Hair.... check
Chap stick..... check
Fresh breath and killer looks.... check and DOUBLE CHECK
Gum.... check
Well it all seems in order....... ah crap!
Flowers.... not checked

As soon as this thought registers in my pea brain I swerve right in to the Albertson's parking lot cutting off and old lady driving a Caddy (she gave me the finger). I almost forgot the most important part of the date besides the girl.... yeah.
I pull up to her house after the flower run, so I being the Casanova that I am, I leave the flowers on the seat so that she can find them there, so we hug and we start walking to the car and I start walking around the from to my door, I just happen to glance at her from the corner of my eye and I see her standing in front of the door with her arms crossed and I am sure that she is thinking "Fool who do you think you is? you better come back here and open my door before I walk back inside!" now to all those who don't know my wife, she is a bit... a what's the word.... GHETTO!. So for all those who know her I am sure you can just picture her right about now.
I run back towards her and with a stupid nervous grin I open her door (David's points for the date so far: -10) That is until she saw what was on the seat waiting for her.... a bouquet of flowers. (David's points for the date so far: +20) Oh yeah!.
On our way to start this wonderful date, so I bought a pint of Ice Cream so that we can take it up to Sun Dance in the Canyon, we chilled for a while getting to know one another. Now if you know me, you know that I am a bold person, specially when on a date. So my bold David self came out and I took her hand, now you are thinking "No big deal, her hand? com on man!" but then you don't know my wife because at this point in her life, holding hands was a big deal.
I was glad she didn't ghetto slap me by this time, so far so good.... lets get to the check list
Step one: Hold her hand... check
The drive down was interesting, we talked a bit more on a personal level. We pull up to a nice little place called Magleby's. So I get a table outside and we have a nice little dinner with the sun set right in front of us. That's right check list time again!
Step two: Romantic Dinner with dramatic effect..... check and done!
By now she should be mucho in to me right? well I thought she was, we walk a bit around the area and it is one of the best dates I had in a long time. After the nice walk I ask her if she would like to look at my pictures, so on we go to my house so that she can see my artistic eye. Sitting in my living room looking at pictures of the fam I get bold and I go in for a Smooch.... Oh you know what time it is again.

Step Three: Seal the night with a wet one..... not checked?
As I'm pulling in for a lip landing she turns her face around and totally rejects me! (the nerve on this woman, does she not realize that I am desirable?) That's what's going trough my mind but she with her lovely eyes looks at me after she rejected this and said. "I can't kiss you because the next person I kiss will be my future husband" So you can imagine my reaction.... I felt dumb but hey it was totally worth it.
So here we are, one year later and guess what, we kissed. Maybe not that night but eventually we did. So back to the Ouch thought, for our one year since we first dated I took her on the same date, but I wore flip flops and I got a splinter stuck in my footsie so I ouch ed my foot and I hope that ties this whole story together.
Now for one last time It's check list time!
Step four: keep taking her out on magical dates..... check
Step five: fall in love with her..... oh big check
Step six: ask her to marry you... check
Step seven: MR & Mrs Roura... DOUBLE CHECK!

THE END.... for now

check out our pics.


jennifer roura said...

ah baby I love it so much. You make me feel so special.
I think this is my favorite one yet!
Mrs. Roura

kmb said...

Hey you need a new post!!!!!!

Palazuelos Family said...

That's such a cute story:) You guys are a cute cute couple, when I saw your blog I started thinking of our YSA days....miss you Jenn


John said...

Hey David! Yeah long time for sure. Thanks for checking out my blog! I for sure would to take pictures of you and your wife and dogs. It great to see you so happy! And I love the pictures of Mitch. He and I were sort of in the same ward last year. The "sort of" is kind a long to explain in this comment. I served in Young Woman's with his wife. Anywhoo, how's things?

-Julie Lafferre