My Body for Life

Being fat is not fun, and going from 170 lbs to 209 lbs in a span of 5 years may not seem like much to some but to me it seem like allot. Now please keep in mind that I grew up a scrawny thin and lanky kid and some how morphed in to this Moob (short for Man Boob) having belly shaking stretch mark holder man.

Now my wife loves me for me, and she some how thinks I am a sexy man, now I am humble and modest but I can't disagree with her on that one, I am one fine piece of meat..... loaf! I can't stand being big... now please know that I am not obese and in no way am I making fun of people who have weight problems, but this is a big deal to me so what am I doing to resolve this issue you ask? Well I am on this eating regimen called the "Body for Life Diet".

The key to this is to eat 6 small meals per day every 2 to 3 hours. You have breakfast, then a snack, then lunch and so on and so forth. No big deal right? well yes big deal, those meals need to be portioned out, fist size to be exact. Now I am an eater and I love me some food, but I have to eat small meals so i scrape for the crumbs, on top of that you must exercise regularly, so I pedal to work from home (about 6 miles round trip) and going... OK trying to hit the gym at least 3 times per week. It is now June 3Th and I have been on this diet for about..... ah give or take..... 2 weeks, and no results. But hey I feel great, not like a big fat pig who stuffs his mouth till he can't eat no more.... in a Homer Simpson kind of way saying the word's "Must.... Keep..... Eating!...." So far My Body for Life is looking good and I have a long way to go but my wife keeps me in check so I don't just fear fat but also the wrath of the wife (Sorry Hun that was just for the dramatic effect.)

So till next time, when I'm 30 lbs lighter... or heavier. We shall see.

Who will I look like?

This guy?

This guy?

Or this guy?

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