Looking back at the future

"The name is Roura... Jennifer Roura."
This is what my wife tells people when they ask her for her name giving this look to them (or at least she does in my dreams). Ala James Bond, without the martini. Well this one is for the wife, or as I call her my Boo Boo.

The following account is as I remember it, but according to my wife I hit on her first, you be the judge:
Thursday morning, I walked in to Jason's Deli looking for some b-fast. And there she was, looking all cute with her glasses and curly lion mess of hair. With my suave walk and talk I ask for some food and she starts hitting on me!... the nerve on this one I think, I am not a piece of meat, but OK this does not happen often so I shall flow with it. She starts telling me that I look familiar and that she has seen me before, to what I respond "well it must be my Hollywood face" (com on! she was so hitting on me) So that same day I tell my good Friend Jesus about this happening so we decide to go there for lunch, so this time she calls me by name and starts flirting again, or so I think. So we leave and I ask my friend, "so did you see that? or is it just me?" he said "well man she was either flirting or she is like us, just a real friendly person" Well the bug had been put in me and was not letting up until I asked her for her number, so I did what any man would and gave her my number for her to call me. What? don't you judge me! there is a good reason behind that OK.... ill get to it.
Friday came around and I was craving some Jason's, now keep in mind that I don't even like Jason's plus its way expensive but hey for my future wife anything was possible. So i go in there hoping for some more flirting but she was not there. So I wait for Monday to get my "flirt on".

Monday finally the week end was over and I had my chance to flirt it up with a girl at Jason's Deli. To this excitement there was an obstacle to overcome, I had one of the most Delicious treats ever created by man! a Costco Blue Berry Muffin, and I am not one for trashing food. So what was holding me up? well I didn't want to just walk in and say hey I need your number but I'm not buying any food. No that would be cheap and maybe I could get her in trouble with her boss. So I gave away my Muffin Oh did that hurt but it was worth it. So on to Jason's to talk to this girl. I show up like Casanova on a mission, but I don't see her..... I Begin to get discouraged and ready to buy some food that I didn't even want (Oh sweet Muffin, what have I done?) so I walk to the cashier to order and to my astonishment there she was, she was wearing a different shirt than from when I first saw her. So I start grinning like an Idiot, "well hello there David" she tells me, I was amazed that she knew my name. So I Begin my conquest, but I can't remember her name.... so I take a look at her name tag "hey Jennifer" I shot back at her un squinting my eyes away from her chest, " I need some food, sweet pastry that is what I am craving" as she showed me the menu I look at her and tell her... get ready because this might blow you away. "I have to tell you something, I had a muffin today but I gave it away so that I could come and see you" I promise she turned red, and I thinking and hopping that that wasn't to bold of me I return fire, "I hope that's not bold of me to say" to what she responded "No no I actually think that's really sweet!" so I had made it, now how should I ask her for her number?, her boss was right there so I just walked away to sit and wait, she did as well so I start looking like a moron for a peace of paper to write my number down.
By the time she came back I handed her my number as I said, "I don't usually do this but here is my number, I would ask for yours but I don't want to get you in trouble. SO please call me and Ill ask for your number OK?" to this she takes it and said "Yes".... and as they say in the movies "The Rest is History".... ....


shanda said...

you guys are just so cute. Ryan and I are so glad that you are in our ward and now are friends. We look forward to hanging out with you more. talk soon I love the pics

your wife said...

I Love it Baby!
I can still remember the butterflies flying around in my stomach each and every time you would come in. I now have constant butterflies to see the man of my dreams every day when I come home. I love you baby. Thank you for finding me. Please don't erase these until I get to print them off soon. I want them for our posterity.
You still are wrong though, You hit on me first! there are a couple of minor details left out but all in all I give it a 10.:)