Thats Mr. Shoe Queer to you!

So its no secret, I love shoes. So much that I have a closet full of them and with that I also have a unique nickname given to me by one of my co workers, this being such nickname: David "the shoe Queer" Roura. Maybe not the best nickname but hey I am queer for shoes (thanks Ian, by the way he wears his girl friends pants). I have about 29 pairs but keep in mind that I have give about 20 pairs away. So my collection was up there. I just wanted to devote this worthless blog to my love of Jordan's or as my hood self refers to them, my J's (yes this explains my screen name)

Now this is a poster of all the J's He (He, being Michael Jordan) wore during his Bull playing days except the 15's. These were released after he retired in 1999. So far I only got 5 of them but I shall with time gather more.

This is the best selling shoe of all time and I am a proud owner of them. So where am I going with this blog? you ask, well I don't know but I just felt like writing about my love for J's specially the 12's, my very favorite (have them in black and white by the way).

Till next time, this is David the shoe quee. ..ah... i mean David Roura... this is David Roura *ahem*
(I hate you Ian)

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