My stolen dream.

Even though this is not a picture of my banshee, this is an accurate picture of what my banshee looked like. Just replace the yellow with black and the grey with red, and alakazam! we have David's stolen 1999 Banshee. So were to Begin? well it was a beautiful Monday in the moth of May, when a call from my brother interrupted my watching of Sweeney Todd, we were going to go riding on that Tuesday, but oh boy was I in for a surprise. The following is a reenactment of the dialogue between my brother and I.
David: Hello?
Luis (my brother): Hey fool
David: Yes?
Luis (my brother): Did you pick your bike up?
David: ah, what do you mean?
Luis (my brother): I mean did you take it, or lend it to some one?
David: ah... not that I know of, why?
Luis (my brother): Well man, then you better call the cops because your bike is gone.
David: Dude don't mess with me, you for real?
Luis (my brother): yes
David: Ah s*%&t man!
And the rest shall be kept from record due to the profane subject matter. But yes my metal love had been stolen from my brothers drive way.... now before you say anything, keep in mind that he lives in Lindon Utah, up in the mountain top and there is nothing but rich white people. Never in a million years did we think this could have happened at his house, but as always we were wrong and boy did I pay the price. So now I have no hope to ever finding my metal Banshee love. Lesson learned, never leave your 99 Banshee on paddles sitting there for any moron to take it. Good bye Banshee good bye.

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shanda said...

I am so sorry that some one took your 4 wheeler. I was hopoing that you would have found it that day but I guess not. We so need to hang out. Good luck with that