Looks aren't everything... I mean look at me.

Allow my self to introduce....... my self. My name is David and yes I am Mexican so I hope you don't think this blog is a racist one. So where to start? well I am a boy of 25, charming and good looking, my looks have been compared to those of Ray Romano, from Everybody Loves Raymond.

So as you can see I am a great looking man, but looks are not all I rely on, I also have an amazing sculpted body (according to my wife) Imagine Screech from Saved by the Bell the College years. Oh yeah you get the picture. Well I am new to this married thing, and I am loving it! My wife is an amazing person whom I some how landed and actually kept her near me long enough to marry me. If you knew back in the day you would see that that was a hard task to accomplish. Jennifer is her name and as you can see she is quite the looker her self.
So this is a bit about us, keep on reading and looking for updates about our life.

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