Wow! its been a few moons hasn't it? well dear people of the world, I just have a few words to say. Brett Favre! what the hell is he doing!?
I find myself a bit at odds, in one hand I am a Favre lover and in the other I think this "I'm done, no wait I'm not, no wait I am, oh OK I lied I am not done" is getting a little old. But hey the man is a genius, or is he just nuts? sometimes he has flashes of pure brilliance and then there are times that he just plain and flat out stinks. But this is also part of that amazing Favre we all have grown up with and learned to love. No matter what happens I will be there watching him like a hawk and I hope that with an actual team around him he will be able to CRUSH the Packers!

This is all.

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Jim said...

Perhaps you've done this sort of thing, too, sir. I'm sitting here at 0200, reading my daughter-in-law's blog and loving the pictures of my grandkids when I see a beautiful face next to one of her comments. The name next to it is Dacia. So I click on it to see the face a little better. Then a list of blogs that Dacia reads comes up. First I read one called Chronicles of Momnia and the writing turns out to be as clever as the title. Then I try yours on for size and I enjoy the heck out of it. I taught History in a public high school for 20 years. The Mexican kids seemed to love me, so I naturally loved them right back. Maybe they liked me because I told the "whole" truth, at least when I knew it. Like the siege of the military school at Chapultapec and the Ninos Eroes who jumped off the school's highest tower and fell into the canyon behind it, wrapped in the Mexican flag. My Anglo kids were visibly moved by that. My Mexican kids were amazed that I even bothered to tell that side of the Mexican War. Both groups used to laugh when I'd point to one of the states we'd gotten in the so-called "Mexican Cession" and say, "Hey, we stoled it fair and square!"

Well buddy, you just keep on loving Mexicans. And I will, too.

Jim Haeberle
Chubbuck, Idaho