The Lobster Tale

How can you make the best from what so far has seemed like one of the worst Birthdays ever? Well this is The Lobster Tale, a story of Epic proportions!
Let me take you back before the day took a turn for the worst. It was a sunny Saturday, September 5Th if I'm not mistaken. This wasn't an ordinary Saturday though, oh no this was the Saturday after my wife's birthday and as always I was going to try and make it as special as possible, even if that meant death!

Horses are beautiful creatures meant for us Humans to use for travel, in the old days that was the only means of transportation and so it went. Now thanks to technology and modern advancements we have cars, bikes and motorcycles so the use of horses is not as popular as it once was, thank goodness. I am one of those people who would rather walk 500 miles than ride a horse, the reason behind this is too long to recount and may one day make for a good story so I will leave it as that. The only kind of horse I like is Horse Power in a car, and the only Pony I will ride is a Ford Mustang, and the only kind of Horse I cheer for is The Indianapolis Colts! and the only Horse that..... you get the point. "The horse pretty from far" the wise man once said. But my wife is one of those "I will ride a horse without a saddle" kind of gal, so you see my predicament here? Well me being the greatest husband ever, I decided to take my wife Horse back Riding for her birthday, and as always instead of making things nice and small I want this to be a Horse Back riding experience she will never forget. I was just about to get my wish.

I made an appointment for this event about 4 months in advance so as not to leave it for the last minute. I booked a 2 hour trail at a Snow Ski resort in Sandy Utah that will go unnamed, the appointment was for 3 p.m. and we were to be there one hour early so that we could take the tram up the mountain and take the Rhino (this is a 4 wheel mode of transportation) down the other side of the mountain to where the horses were. Well for one reason or another there I was, booking it down the 15 to make it in time. The speed limit signs just kept whooshing past me, I pushed that Nissan to its limit, taking the side winding road like a champ! not stopping for no one. That is until I got stuck behind a slow driver, I was already pushing it kind of close, it was about 1:45 and I had 15 minutes to get there. I called the lady whom I had been in touch with about this whole thing to tell her we were in our way. When I finally get there we have to park about a mile away from the entrance because the October fest was going on. So had to walk from our car to where the Bus was, and then ride it to the entrance, from the entrance we had to go up the stairs to make it to the second level. My watch now read 2:00 p.m. and I was freaking out, it would have been OK if they weren't holding the charge on my debit card just in case. We run to the office where you pay for the horse trails, and up to this point I had not thought about transferring the money from savings to checking and of course I have to do it right on the spot. When the lady told us the total my wife almost pooped her self, she did not know what this was all about until we got there and she was in shock, not because of the amazing trouble I went through to get there but because of the $230.00 charge that I was about to OK. But hey it was her birthday and I was going to spoil her.

The tram was about to leave and I was still on hold for the funds to be transferred so the lady already on edge told me, just leave your card here and pay when you get back. We run to the tram and cram in with all the people who were there to sight see and to do other numerous activities. Jenny was quiet and a bit out of it, when I asked what the problem was she said nothing looking around at the beauty the altitude of the tram had to offer. I was not buying it, not one bit. So I asked again to what she said that she was shocked at how much we were about to spend for a horse back trail. I reassured her and I just told her to make the best of it. So that we did. We rode down the mountain on the other side with the resort guide, when we get there it begins to be a bit cloudy, there was another couple with us along for the trip. We get to were the horses are and we are in awe, staring at the majesty that a horse radiates with. We go through a tutorial and get on our horses. Now it gets fun, no more stress but rather relaxing thoughts are flowing through such as "Don't you dare throw me off you Blasted beast!" or "I hate your guts and if you hurt me Ill make sure you are turned in to glue" you know calm peaceful thoughts.

We had been on the road for what seemed like an eternity and I was ready to leave, when I look at my watch it only has been 15 minutes. Then I feel a water drop on my face, then another and another and all the sudden it all comes down on us. We take cover for a few and the guides radio in to the command center, the voice on the radio brakes in saying that the forecast is stating thunder storms so they gave us 2 options, we can wait it out and continue or go back, so my wife and I choose to go back and the other couple chooses to stay. We are told by both guides that they wont charge us for the whole thing if they charge us at all. So back up the mountain we go, then boarding the tram for the ride down to the resort. We are in a way better mood now, we got to ride for a bit, I wasn't killed and my wife got that ridding bug off her back for the time being. We stroll in the office and the lady that had booked the trip was there waiting for us, we stand there to hear how much she was going to charge us and what came next was more of a shocker than the first outcome.

"I'm going to charge you for a full hour" was her statement to us, my wife and I were stunned, "An hour?" my wife shot back at her "We were only on the horses for about 15 minutes Lady, and you are charging us for an hour trip?!" oh yeah it was about to get ugly. "Well you guys took the tram up and down as well as the ride to and from the horses" was the best she could do. "Well I didn't know we were paying for a tram ride,I thought this was a Horse Back Riding trip" was what my wife said next. The lady was rude to us from the go and her statements were flat out stupid. "I had to cancel my 4 o'clock so that you guys could ride, it is clear now and the guides and the other couple are on the trail as we speak" she said "Well the guides told us that we were going to stop and left it up to us to wait it out or go back, so I think that you two have to talk and get your stories straight" my wife said back to her, I was getting mad, and up to that point I had said nothing but her rant about how she canceled on her 4 o'clock and how she should be charging us more pissed me off. "Look lady!" I said with force "I am not asking for a free ride at all, I am willing to pay and if you think that 1 hour is fair than fine, but first you don't need to talk to my wife the way you have been, your tone has been rude the whole time and not professional at all, and second we only rode for about 15 minutes and this is not fair at all but OK here is my debit card!" she took it and charged it, we started walking away and my wife yells at her "NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL, YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!" I just grabbed her and walked out.

What can possibly top this story? well you haven't heard the whole thing yet....... TO BE CONTINUED.

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Mags said...

What?! How come I never heard this side of the story, huh? Now I have to call Jen and get it from the "horse's" mouth! I sure as heck hope you got your money back or went back to finish the ride...and complained about that girl until she was given a spankin! I'd like to say fired but...that's harsh and even for me! Oh I'm so mad reading your story I could just SPIT!