Its the most wonderful time of the Football Year!

Its that joyous time of the year again, playoff time people, and I am very excited to say that my Colts are playing for a chance to make it to the Superbowl once again. Lets hope that they don't squander their chances early in this 2nd half of the season.
Its important to look at the whole picture before one starts making predictions (Colts vs Eagles is my pick) out and making a complete butt of themselves.

The AFC has a bunch of teams that can scare the living poop out of anyone going against them, you have the once again incredible New England Patriots who have only lost 2 games this whole season and may I point out that one of them was a shellacking by the Cleveland Browns, yes the sames Browns who finished 5-11.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are as always the defensive minded juggernaut who they always are and have shown to be for many years. After an awful off-season plagued by media scrutiny because of their QB's stupid decisions (who we hope are now behind him) finished the regular season with an outstanding 12-4 record.
The Indianapolis Colts once again finish the regular season with a playoff appearance. The Manning era has been good to the Colts making them one of the most consistent offencive teams in the league. This year was not as decorated or as rich as past years, mainly, due to the slimming down of the roster which was riddled with injuries. Payton had to make something out of nothing almost all season long, passing to no names, and, in Manning fashion making all them look like rock stars. We will see if they can pull yet another upset as they did in similar fashion in the 2006 Superbowl run.

The Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets round off the AFC teams who are trying to fight for top honors, and all of them are playing with a chip on their shoulders. The Jets as usual running their mouth claiming to be the best team in the NFL have something to prove. The Ravens like always bring it with their D, and the offense just hangs on just a bit longer to win close ones, in my opinion they look old and a bit worn, but hey this is the NFL and anything could happen. And at the bottom of the pile you have the Chiefs who with a loosing record last season have somehow rebounded to an impressive 10-6 record that mirrors the Colts record. This team can truly be the Cinderella story of the playoffs but they face the Ravens in the first Wild Card round and I don't think that their offense can truly hang with the Ravens seasoned D.

In all I'm going with the Colts to take the Jets, the Ravens to beat the Chiefs thus giving us the Colts vs the Steelers and the Ravens vs the Patriots. From there I have the Colts getting their revenge on the Steelers once and for all, and the Patriots running over the Ravens, to give us the AFC Championship classic Colts vs Patriots. Once again these two Elite teams will be going at it for a chance to represent the AFC in the Superbowl.

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